What Is It?

ASURRA® is a unique digital custodial document creation and signature tracking system that provides cognitive superiority and real time synchronic status on governance and assurance in delivering multiple or complex projects and services more safely, effectively, and efficiently. 

ASURRA® works by emulating a client’s current governance and assurance processes or systems creating a digitised custodial tracking system that:

  • Operates within the Microsoft Teams and Office environment that utilises a safe (IASME Cyber Essential certified) single custodial data repository that is accessible by modern media to allow rapid update and notification.
  • Facilitates the ability to accurately focus on governance and assurance operations, thereby improving regulatory and procedural adherence.
  • Provides the capability to track, monitor, query and report 24/7.
  • Ensures a disciplined evidence based approach to custodial and regulatory compliance for all users.
  • Enables collaborative working where users from different organisations work in a trusted shared common space.

ASURRA® is a complementary agnostic tool that can be part of an integrated assurance management system or can be used on its own.

Our Approach

Whether you are starting a new venture or you’re an ongoing business - ASURRA® will help you.

People Matter

Despite best endeavours and established internal procedures, the impact of unforeseen circumstances can often lead to unintended consequences that result in inefficiencies arising from established or habitual unwelcome practices and processes.

Asurra Puzzle Pieces

Our ASURRA® approach is designed to assist and support your teams where any combination of the following symptoms may, or could potentially, exist:

  • Custodial documentation and audit activity, which are essential to good governance, suffer from a lack of attention or experience failures in procedural adherence.

  • Regulatory or compliance issues which are key to ensuring timely progress are leading to delays.

  • Poor oversight and a lack of transparency across multiple or complex projects/services exists, leading to a potential reduction in operational safety, efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

  • Cultural and habitual practices persist which unwittingly contribute to ongoing underperformance.

  • Overt administrative complexity is stifling your ability to deliver operational clarity.

Why Do You Need It?

It is estimated that 70% of all projects fail to complete important objectives around time, cost and outcomes. There are generally 6 key reasons why projects fail:

  • Insufficient experience.
  • Excessive time wastage.
  • Deficient discipline.
  • Inadequate risk management.
  • Lack of visibility.
  • Ineffective resource management.

To counter these failings and deliver more effective assurance, and help make better decisions, ASURRA's® framework provides:

  • Trusted shared collaborative working and digital custodial transparency and efficiency, so enabling better focus and more rapid effective individual and team working.
  • Significant administrative time and cost savings that avoid duplication and nugatory effort and costs.
  • More rapid and better decision making at all levels underpinned by robust and reliable data that enhances situational awareness and personal accountability across large teams with multiple tasking.
  • Real time evidence that builds confidence and helps avoid potential errors or process errors, together with alerts and dashboard overviews which raise overall situational awareness and improves discipline.
  • Significantly less burden on the Project Manager and other key decision makers making it more effective all round, including drilling down, reporting up, chasing, checking and querying.
  • A comprehensive job checklist, accountability, responsibility and custodial documentation audit trail that provides up to date status, clarity and structure, enabling more effective governance and assurance in delivering projects on time and avoid cost over-runs.

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